Sculptures by Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas

Living in Wareham, Dorset, UK and with over 20 years of experience on the subject, Andrew's mediums are principally bronze, wood and various metals.

Sculptures by Arabella Nock

Arabella Nock

Long been enthralled by the human form, Arabella's sculpture ranges from the minute and detailed to the large and expressive using metals from Iron to bronze, aluminium and lead.

Sculptures by Len Gifford

Len Gifford

Capturing a moment in time, Len’s work is about movement and the human body. Through semi-realistic sculpture he tries to capture movements seen in dance, gymnastics, yoga and aerobics

Sculptures by Richard T Roberts

Richard T Roberts

Regularly exhibiting at the Society of Wildlife Artists at the Mall Galleries London, Richards interest in wildlife was nurtured during the four years spent in Africa.

Sculptures by Shirley Borokhov

Shirley Borokhov

Primarily a sculptor, her paintings and drawings have an equally idiosyncratic and recognisable style. Shirley is an artist who has work in private collections all over the world.

Sculptures by Stephen Kettle

Stephen Kettle

Officially a self taught artist, Stephen's work ranges from miniature to monumental with both figurative and abstract pieces viewed by over three million people each year.

Sculptures by Tom Newstead

Tom Newstead

Newstead’s art is a departure from his challenges. Often described as ‘Tommy Two Eyes’, Newstead is known to see things that other people cannot see.

Sculptures by Tony Evans

Tony Evans

Born and raised in Liverpool, Tony specialises in animals in action using mainly copper and bronze and the work is a result of hours of intense concentration and physical effort.

Micro Sculptures by Willard Wigan

Willard Wigan

Born in 1957 in Birmingham, Willard’s micro-sculptures have become so minute that they are only visible through a microscope. Each piece commonly sits within the eye of a needle, or on a pin head.


Paintings by Graham Moeller

Graham Moeller

A self taught artist, Graham's paintings reflect his love of New Zealand's wonderful scenery and often, tranquil moods.

Paintings by Grant Searl

Grant Searl

Born in 1962 in the North West of England, Grant’s style is a blend of surrealism and traditional landscape painting depicting a peculiar dream like world.

Paintings by Hamad Al Humaidhan

Hamad Al Humaidhan

At only 10 years old, Hamad draws much of his inspiration from browsing through his father’s collection of art books. Hamad's particular favorite artists being Picasso, Dali and Jackson Pollock.

Paintings by Kieran Crowder

Kieran Crowder

Philosopher, photographer, poet – but above all, a painter of the utmost seriousness and, commitment, Kieran is one of the most exciting and original artists working in Britain today.

Paintings by Lynda Gibson

Lynda Gibson

Worked as a watercolour artist since 2002, Lynda’s series of paintings based on the theme of 'Ladies Days' has proved to be extremely popular throughout the racing fraternity.

Paintings by Nick Andrew

Nick Andrew

Studying art and graphic design in Oxford, London and Cheltenham, Nick’s Paintings are in acrylic, on paper and canvas, and explore the landscape close to his studio in South Wiltshire.

Paintings by Sue Rowe

Sue Rowe

Birmingham based artist, Sue uses acrylic paint on deep box canvas to create photo-real paintings with her inspiration coming from street life, architecture and people.

Paintings by Richard Wallace

Richard Wallace

After training and working in advertising and graphic design, Richard Wallace was drawn towards painting and other fine arts.