Kieran Crowder


Kieran Crowder is one of the most exciting and original artists in Britain today. Known best for his distinctive figurative paintings, in a more experimental vein, he also makes large-scale abstracts, takes photographs and produces text-based work - much of which is brought together in the ongoing multi-media project 'Here Lies'.

Crowder is a natural talent who learned his craft not in a conventional art school, but by working alongside older, more established artists such as Bomberg pupil and Borough Group founder, the late Miles Richmond. As he developed his practise, strong in the belief that painting is the most conceptual of all the arts (as eg. Michael Craig-Martin suggests), Crowder also took a degree in philosophy from the University of York, following it up with doctoral research at the Royal College of Art, where he was a visiting lecturer.

Of mixed Irish and English family, and born in Lancashire, Crowder has for many years lived and worked out of South London. He is Chair of Young & Creative, the open art competition for under-19s in Lambeth, and with gallerist Bettie Morton, is Founder-Director of Brixton Biennale, a global gathering of critical art scheduled to premier in 2012.