Nick Andrew


Born 1957, Oxfordshire, UK. Nick Andrew studied art and graphic design in Oxford, London and Cheltenham. Since graduating in 1979, he has been working as a painter and lecturer, based in Wiltshire and Dorset. He has exhibited his work throughout the UK, mainland Europe, and the USA.

Nick’s home and studio is in part of a watermill on the upper reaches of the River Wylye in South Wiltshire. He lives there with his wife, Kate and their daughter.

Nick’s Paintings are in acrylic, on paper and canvas, and explore the landscape close to his studio in South Wiltshire. His home and studio is next to the River Wylye in South Wiltshire. The river and its surrounding landscape is his primary subject. Nick finds it constantly fascinating and compelling. He is drawn to the movement and the patterns in the river flow and in the surrounding vegetation. He’s captivated by the light and colours which change dramatically from one moment to the next, from day to day and season to season.