Tom Newstead


Much of Newstead’s unique art form starts from his battle and frustration of being dyslexic. Whilst he can read, Newstead finds writing extremely difficult and challenging, needing to rely on other people for help.

Newstead’s art is a departure from his challenges. Often described as ‘Tommy Two Eyes’, Newstead is known to see things that other people cannot see.

Born the first son of a coal miner from a fishing village called Seaton Sluice, Northumberland, Newstead left school at the age of fifteen to become an apprentice boat builder at Lambies, Northumberland. There, he worked with tradesman who taught him his craft and who to this day he describes as ‘truly remarkable’.

After concluding his apprenticeship, Newstead joined the merchant navy as an assistant carpenter. This permitted him to travel the world during his 11 years with the Navy. Newstead concedes that this was an invaluable experience for him, and in the exposition of his craft. Each new continent, land and city brought with it a new perspective within which he saw different art forms which he could later work with and manipulate into a style that he now uniquely stamps as his own.

Newstead returned to Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. Being taught to play the violin has re ignited his love of art. The essence of his life is captured in the beauty of his sculptures, which are truly unique and remarkable.

Llangollen is the first public exhibition to grace Newstead’s truly remarkable work.